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Colorful Bubbles

from the creator

MAiDENHAiR FERNWEH alludes to a captivating contradiction I've felt all my life: a profound appreciation for the beauty of my surroundings and the Earth, intertwined with this seemingly endless longing for faraway, often fantastical destinations.

A Maidenhair Fern, with its delicate and intricate elegance, serves as an enchanting symbol of our natural world.  Embedded within the term "Fernweh" is a deep aching for places yet to be explored—a sentiment akin to being homesick for the unknown.  This interplay of words, much like ~*feet on the ground, head in the clouds*~

 encapsulates my personal journey of seeking balance between the appreciation of the present moment and the allure of distant dreams.

Since the inception of MAiDENHAiR FERNWEH, I've chosen to embrace this paradox; I cherish where I am in my journey & what I am creating now, while eagerly anticipating the adventures, ideas, and creations that still lie ahead !

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